“Spiritual maturity is not measured by how high you jump in praise but how straight you walk in obedience”. These are the words of Pastor Peter Unoarumhi and they perfectly describe him.

As the seventh,of the eight children of Jonah Unoarumhi, growing up in a modest home at

The University of Ibadan compound. Peter had little illusions about how his life was going to turn out. His ambition was no tall order as all it required was a turntable and a love of music to be a DJ.

He set out on this dream after writing GCE until a chance encounter with a young girlwho looked at him with disdain and rebuffed his amorous advances because he was uneducated turned the wheel of destiny. The need to prove her wrong and to show that he was a master to himself was the conduit he needed to arm himself with an academic qualification and this led to his studying for A Levels and subsequent admission to study Philosophy and Religion from the University of Ibadan.

As a student of the University of Ibadan, Peter became a rabble rouser and a lord unto himself answerable only to his seadog Capone. The tenacity and drive with which he carried out orders was as a result of pent up emotions which he carried on the inside. Unchecked, they erupted like a volcano giving rein to lawlessness and capriciousness. He lived only for himself, going against traditions, sailing in the cemetery, patronising prostitutes, defying death by consuming inordinate amounts of alcohol. Peter had no long term plans and no grandiose dreams.  Life was a jamboree and everyday was a party until he met CHRIST.

JESUS CHRIST was the deal breaker Peter had sought but could not find until death came knocking in the form of Cancer when it attacked his beloved fiancée Becky Musa.

Becky had been given two weeks to live after her Cancer had progressed. Nothing could be done except to wait for her to die. The only ray of hope Peter was told was that “only JESUS can save her”. As was his tradition, Peter jumped in feet first before asking if there were stones at the bottom of the Lake. He gave his life to CHRIST. This time, it paid off and Becky was healed in faraway London where she had gone for medical treatment and so began the walk of Peter Aliakwe Unoarumhi withJESUS CHRIST. As a new convert Peter was able to pray and Becky who had died three times in the cause of her Cancer illness came back to life after she had been on life support for three months.

This new faith was real to Peter. He realised the power he was looking for as a cultist was contained in CHRIST. It was an awakening! He could not get enough of JESUS. He began to seek answers to questions. He was thirsty for THE LORD! The price that JESUS had paid by dying on the cross, bought Peter’s loyalty. He would settle for no one else but this one GOD who had made himself so real to him.

In the course of seeking answers, Peter travelled on holiday with Becky from London to The United States of America where GOD opened a new Visa for Peter to be sponsored by a church to study MSC in Missions at Abilene, Texas.

The journey which began in 1989 took Peter by GOD’s favour through scholarship to the Abilene Christian University for his Master’s degree where he graduated culminatinginto his answering the call of GOD to leave a lucrative employment in the United States of America to set up a congregation for JESUS’ army of the end time church.

In The Cornerstone Anointed Church of CHRIST where Peter is the Head Pastor, nobody else is preached and lived except JESUS. No crown or cap, red or blue is respected. Peter Unoarumhi is a man who has been swallowed up by CHRIST. A man who has been forgiven much has no room for negotiation or dilly dally, all he says is “here I am, use me”!

Simply dressed and unencumbered, without exaggerated titles and exotic robes he strides across the pulpit not ashamed of the gospel but spewing it fresh from the throne of grace and lives are transformed. The prostitutes zip up, cultist drop their regalia, witches become preachers, thieves begin to prophesy, liars embrace JESUS, curses are broken, the barren give birth, homosexuals obey, low sperm count becomes quadrillions of full bodied sperm, the poor become rich, the blind see, asthma disappears, the unemployed become CEO’s, blood sugar becomes regulated, AIDS vanishes, no record of divorce, the impossible becomes possible and JESUS CHRIST is glorified!

Peter is an accomplished teacher of the Bible who would have excelled in any field but he chose THE WORD against the cash! On close encounter with him, you will see a man whose smile is so calming, disarming and compassionate. A man of peace whose demeanour is as sang by Promise Keepers:

“…a man of mercy, found in life, a man who loves the truth, who runs to win, the crown of life, and lives to honour you….” (JESUS)

PeterUnoarumhi wants to be remembered only for one thing and has stated it clearly in unwavering terms. He loves THE LORD and is loyal to only one GOD in life or in death. The epitaph on his grave stone MUST read; “JESUS CHRST IS LORD, NO CONTROVERSY!”.