Becky Unoarumhi (nee Musa) was born into a Muslim family where her mother was the third of three wives and she was the Fifth among the children raised in that home, in Ghana. Growing up in a polygamous home was not easy.

She relocated back to Nigeria in 1970 and started a flourishing acting career in the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). The viewer’s loved her thrilling delivery in her role as Tinu in the now rested Soap opera MIRROR IN THE SUN. While in the prime of her life, when it looked like she was soaring in her career as well as her love life and nothing could stop her, tragedy struck.

She discovered she was always cold and had pains in her ear. Her hour glass figure dramatically changed and she began to increase in size. She started exercising and watching her food intake, yet, there was no change instead she continued to get bigger. As at this time, she was acting with the United States Information Service with Chuck Mike as the director in a stage production of A RAISIN IN THE SUN. It became clear that something had to be done and so off to the hospital she went with her then boyfriend, now husband Peter Unoarumhi. No doctor could diagnose what was wrong; it was like groping in the dark as the true nature of her illness was unknown and so began the rounds from one hospital to another in search of a cure. At the Lagos State University hospital where she stayed. Her diagnosis was not clear as doctors began to pump her with drugs and even contemplated surgery on her for an ailment which they could not diagnose. The only reason why they did not open her up was because they did not know what to do. Eventually she became so bloated that even movement was hampered. She remained in that state of uncertainty until Dr Ogunaike the Head Cardiologist to LUTH who had been outside the country returned. He was the doctor who finally put a name to the monster that had taken over the body of Becky Unoarumhi and it was the dreaded C word, Cancer of the lymph otherwise known as Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; a condition which stops the flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Her gigantic size was caused by the inability of the blood to circulate properly.

There was no ray of hope in sight as no hospital in Nigeria was equipped to effect treatment at that time in 1989. The only way out would therefore be to seek medical treatment outside Nigeria, a trip she knew she could not afford. Asides the medical expenses which would cost a whopping N100, 000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) she had been given a diagnosis of get treated or die in two weeks! Becky went home to wait for death.

While on death row, Peter and Becky had lost all hope. She could not walk, eat, talk nor help herself in anyway, death to some, would have been a release but Peter refused to give up. As a bubbly beautiful, vivacious girl, Becky had lots of friends. There was no doubt  that people would assume that her many fans will run to her rescue and raise that sum in no time but unfortunately that was not to be. When all hope was lost, Peter and Becky found their faith in CHRIST. An old friend of Peter’s told them that the only person who could help them at this point was JESUS CHRIST and that they had to believe to receive. In the past they would have laughed at the suggestion but this was like a drop of rain on the parched tongue of a man who has been lost in a desert for months with no help in sight and they had a deadline. Time was running out. This was like a light at the end of a tunnel, dim though it was, it was at least something other than the nothing they had believed on and so they quickly accepted JESUS and began to hope. In spite of this, Becky continued to grow bigger. Shortly after this time, the former President of Nigeria, Ibrahim Gbademosi Babangida and his wife Mariam read about the illness that had befallen Becky in a Nigerian Newspaper and they agreed to sponsor her to London to commence treatment for the Cancer.

While in Royal Marsden Hospital in London, she was listed as critical for a long time as she hovered between life and death. She went into coma a number of times and was placed on life support. She went through many sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as a result of which she lost all her hair. Her skin, hands, gums and her tongue turned very black. After the course of treatment, Becky left the hospital with the Doctors telling her that, she might never have children as her womb had been seriously affected by the strong dose of Chemo. However, they did not count on the ONE who saved Becky on that hospital bed; JESUS! Today that story has changed as GOD blessed Becky with three children, Manuela, and a set of twins; Debra and Joshua.

The story of Becky will be incomplete if her dedication to helping women without hope is not told. As a result of the lack she suffered, the abandonment and rejection she survived during her illness, a new child was conceived and born inside of her and that is the urge to give back!  She draws on her own wealth of experiences and shares same freely to others across the globe so that none is left in doubt as to how so much better they can be. Becky has remained a woman of virtue, blessed with the rare gifts of welfare, mentorship, counselling, love, care and comfort which she shares without favouritism to all.

For many years the thought of building CHRISTLIKE women was conceived in her until through prayers and nurturing from her husband Pastor Peter Unoarumhi THE CONERSTONE PRECIOUS WOMEN CONVENTION was born. The CONVENTION is now in its eighth year and has empowered uncountable number of participants. Becky remains an inspiration to many. As a woman whom the enemy has given his best shot especially in the area of challenges to her health she bounces right up and is still standing through the power of  THE HOLY  SPIRIT, undeterred nor discouraged by the special grace of GOD.