The level of corruption in Nigeria is alarming – Peter Unoarumhi

Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ, Surulere, Lagos has come a long way in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and in inculcating good morals in Nigeria.
The church, which marked her 22nd anniversary, recently, has not left any stone unturned in ensuring that the life and victory of Jesus Christ is celebrated. In this interview with Gilbert Ekezie, Founder, senior Pastor of the church, Peter Unoarumhi, spoke about the church and how he became a cleric after a stint with a confraternity. He also commented on corruption and need for better morals in Nigeria.

Could you tell us about Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ?
Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ was founded 22 years ago during Easter. So, we celebrated the church’s 22nd anniversary on Easter day, April 16. We have come a long way. The vision of the church is centered on Jesus Christ. So, it is completely a Christ centric church. Among other things, we preach the messages of hope, faith, holiness and most importantly, of love that is expressed, especially during the period of Easter in order to save us from sin and grant us new and eternal life.

What were the highlights of the 22nd anniversary celebration?
We preached the word of God to give people hope that is beyond this earth, so that they would live for eternal reasons. The word takes pre-eminence in people’s lives. There were also drama sketches from children and adults as well as music from the choir to get us into the Easter mood and to celebrate, as God wants us to.

What was the theme of this year’s anniversary?
The theme was Lead for Jesus, taken from John 5:6. This is because we believe in living with Jesus and dying in Him and that is why we use the anniversary to celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ.
What do you think is the impact of Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ on the society?
I would say that the impact of our church is not felt in the numerical side, but in the character side. People’s values have changed and they have discovered that they were living according to the wrong values of life. That is to say, they were materialistic in nature. But now, a lot of them are characterized for eternal purposes, living their lives in Jesus Christ and trusting Jesus Christ to express Himself in their lives, their family units, their children and other things they have. So, the change is more spiritual than physical. However, there have been physical changes as well, especially in the area of outstanding miracles in the church that Jesus had done. Sometimes, so silently, people have been delivered from blindness, and there have been other uncommon miracles. Here, a child was cured of blindness, just by the touch of anointing oil; a medical doctor was also healed of an ailment in the body, while so many others have received healings from various illnesses. In fact, there are enormous miracles God has been doing in this church, and there had been outstanding testimonies of people whom Jesus has lifted up financially after their salvation. Now, they have much to show, compared to before. Therefore, Jesus is characterizing himself in various ways, and there had been so much contentment and godliness among members of the church, as a hallmark of true Christianity. That is the summary of the work Jesus is doing here.


Church should lead crusade against corruption – Pastor Unoarumhi

The founder of Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ, Pastor Peter Unoarumhi, a Philosophy and Religious Studies graduate of University of Ibadan, has described the Church as an influential institution that has an essential role to play in curbing corruption in Nigeria. In this interview with Olayinka Latona, noarumhi who outlined the challenges faced by his denomination and other issues, appealed to fellow religious leaders to use God’s grace to disciple responsible Christians that will show forth the incorruptible glory of God in the society and bring about the desired change Nigerians long for. Excerpts: Salvation experience.

I was working as Marketing Officer in Lagos when I ran into my former girl friend, who was looking for accommodation close to my residence in Anthony Village. She was an actress. While in school I was a member of the Pirate Confraternity. Cancer struck this my girlfriend and I was there for her throughout the ordeal even when doctors predicted she had only two weeks to live. Her condition was getting worse and it was at that moment that somebody introduced us to a doctor who does not charge money but would heal her of the sickness. We ere naturally excited only for the fellow to tell us the doctor was Jesus.

That was the beginning of my Christian journey. My girlfriend was eventually healed of the cancer. When she returned from UK, we got married as born again Christians. We travelled abroad and we started this church in America in 1992 while I was doing M.Sc in Missions from Abilene Christian Univer-sity, Abilene, Texas, USA.

Cornerstone Anointed Church was founded 22 years ago, during Easter with a mission centred on Jesus Christ. We preach messages of hope, peace, holiness and most importantly of love that is expressed through our Lord Jesus Christ who came to save us from our sins and grant us new life which is eternal life.