Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ was founded by Pastor Peter Unoarumhi in 1995. He has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Religious Studies from the University of Ibadan – Nigeria, proceeding to obtain his Master of Science degree in Missions from Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas, USA.

Pastor Peter is married to Becky Unoarumhi and the union is blessed with three wonderful children. Any account of how the church came to existence leaves a gap unless it mentions the fact that in 1989, Becky was afflicted with cancer. The health challenge and experiences associated with the cancer is what THE LORD used to bring Peter and Becky into the faith in HIM.

This unique encounter ultimately led to the birth of Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ in 1995. Since then, the church has been growing dynamically as an organic congregation poised to raise disciples that are free and responsible to JESUS CHRIST